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Cable Test Kit with Commander VDV Tester, Remotes, Adapter and Case


  • Cable tester locates, tests and measures coaxial and data (RJ45) cables
  • 2.7'' display
  • Identify wiring faults including a mis-wire, open fault, short fault, split-pair and verifies shielding
  • Detect, identify and test Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Measure cable length and distance to a fault with Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology
  • Measure paired-conductor cables up to 1,500' (457 m), with an accuracy up to +/- (5% and 1'/0.3 m) and a verify shield
  • Single-end cable testing or complete two-end cable testing with Test-n-Map™ ID Remote Controls
  • Perform active network (Ethernet) testing - detect capabilities and connection speeds
  • Locate and identify cables with location ID remote controls, Test-n-Map™ ID remote controls, Link Light and Tone Generator
  • Test and identify location in one step (two-end testing) with Test-n-Map™ ID remotes (RJ45 ports) - supports up to 8 remotes
  • Multi-style (4 cadences) tone generator capable of sending a tone on a single conductor, a conductor pair or over all conductors. Requires an analogue tone tracing probe such as the Probe-PRO Tracing Probe (VDV500-123) - sold separately
  • Visually identify a hub or switch and locate cable runs with Link Light
  • Save up to 256 cable or network tests, export and print reports
  • Download brochure for more details and kit contents

Klein Tools' VDV Commander™ Test Kit locates, tests and measures coax, data and telephone cables to ensure fast and accurate installations. Identify the distance to a short; then determine if a cable is broken or damaged. Ensure compliance and identify cable runs outside specification. Measure the cable remaining in a box or on a reel. Simplify cable estimating and bill jobs more accurately. In addition, the Commander detects Power over Ethernet (PoE) and can store and produce test results for easy report management. Use the Link Light to identify a hub or switch with a blinking light, or visually locate the cable runs by a flashing system status/activity LED.

Cable Testing
Special Features:
Accuracy/Measurement Resolution, Active Ethernet detects the link speed and capabilities of the 10/100/1000base-T half or full duplex. Can link to a network at the 10/100base-T; Customisable Setup; Imperial or Metric Results; Multiple Languages: English/Spanish/French; Single-end Cable Testing
Cable type:
RG59, RG6/6Q, RG7/11, CAT3, CAT5, CAT6/6A
Overall Length:
1.844'' (4.7 cm)
Overall Height:
6.797'' (17.3 cm)
Test-n-Map ID Remotes:
Location ID:
6 x AA
Battery Life:
20 hours active, 10 years standby
Supported Remotes:
(5) F-Connector CoaxMap ID/RJ45LanMap ID
Multiple-Style Tone Generator:
Yes (4)
Testing & Measurement Types:
Cable length measurement to 1,500' (457 m); Miswiring fault detection; Open fault detection; Power Over Ethernet detection; Shield detection; Short fault detection; Split-pair fault detection
Tester, Test-n-Map Remote No. 1, (5) LanMap ID Remotes, (5) CoaxMap ID remotes, USB/RJ12/RJ45 Test Cables, Coax Adapter, (6) AA Batteries, Carrying Case
4.32 lb (1.96 kg)
Additional Information
  • Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and/or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.
  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • Do NOT use on live circuits.