April Fools!

From the team that brought you Klein My Ride...

Technology advances every day, and here at Klein Tools we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of innovation. Over the years we've always kept trade professionals outfitted with the latest and greatest in tools and gear, and now we're leaping into the future with our latest product category, Kleinovations. This new line of products combines the classic Klein Tools' gear you know and love with cutting edge technology designed allow you to immerse yourself in the jobsite and make a trade professional's job easier than ever. This line, paired with our new artificial intelligence program Mathias is built to know not only the ins and outs of trades, but also to learn what you need on the jobsite before you need it. And that is why today, April 1st...

The future of trades is here, and the future is


Kleinovations - VR Helmet with Visor

VR Helmet with Visor

With our new supercharged helmet and visor, confusion on the jobsite will never plague you again! Through our built-in KT Processor, your hard hat can now do on-site computations, take measurements and guide you through tough jobs. Your visor screen with show you what tools are needed for the job at hand, and exactly how to use them.

More than that, you don't have to learn the skills needed for a trade, you will know them instantly. This helmet will pull from the vast library of knowledge shared by trade professionals all over the globe and immediately provide you with the know-how to complete even the most obscure and difficult tasks.

Kleinovations - KleinLexa Speaker

KleinLexa Speaker

Getting your favorite Klein Tool products delivered to you has never been easier, thanks to KleinLexa. Simply say "Hey Mathias" and KleinLexa is ready to complete whatever tasks you have. Whether you need to order a tool, to call other tradesman on your jobsite, or just want to play music from the Klein Tools in-house band, KleinLexa is there to help you along the way.

Kleinovations - KTM Drone

KTM Drone

Have you ever lost or forgotten a tool on a jobsite? Well, thanks to our new drone technology, this is an issue of the past! Simply ask Mathias for the tool you need, and it will be instantly ordered and delivered to your home or jobsite within minutes. Our smart technology allows the drone to easily find your location and drop the tool you need right into your hand.

Kleinovations - REX-T Bot


Working alone on a job and need help? Look no further than our new jobsite robot. Designed to withstand the tough conditions you face daily on jobsites, this robot can fetch tools, help lift and move products, keep your site illuminated with a built in LED lights, and can even put on a performance to keep you entertained.

Kleinovations - Follow Me Rolling Toolbox

Follow Me Rolling Toolbox

Klein Tools wants to ensure that traveling around your jobsite is easier than ever, and that means not having to carry your own tool bag. Our new rolling follow me toolbox is programed to keep up with you on the jobsite, carrying all the tools and supplies you need. It has wheels built to handle tough jobsite terrain, meaning no matter where you are, your tools will be there too.