USB Digital Meter - USB-A (Type A)


  • 3 to 20V DC; Current: 0.05 to 3A
  • Continuously monitor up to 1000 hours of voltage, current, capacity/charge delivered, energy and resistance (calculated)
  • Tests most common standard USB-A ports, including Qualcomm Quick Charge® ports
  • Store and recall up to 10 readings
  • Voltage and current overload detection
  • Hi-resolution LCD for clear visibility in environments with low ambient lighting
  • Durable cable to allow easy access to hard-to-reach ports
  • Rugged, pocket-sized and lightweight Klein industrial design stands up to jobsite demands
  • Built to withstand a 6.6' (2 m) drop
  • No batteries needed; powered by the USB port that is being tested
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The Klein Tools ET900 is a USB digital meter for common standard USB-A (Type A) ports, including Qualcomm Quick Charge® ports. It accurately and reliably measures and displays the USB port voltage, current, capacity, energy and resistance simultaneously. It can function with any USB-A port that has the ability to deliver power. It requires NO batteries as it draws power from the power source to function.

USB-A (Type A)
USB Port Voltage, Current, Capacity, Energy and Resistance (Calculated)
Special Features:
Klein Tools' Most Compact USB Meter
3 to 20V DC
0.05 to 3A
Voltage: 3 to 20V DC +/-1% (+/-2 Bytes); Current: 0.05 to 3A +/-1% (+/-2 Bytes)
Capacity used:
99999 mAh Maximum
Energy delivered:
999 Wh Maximum
400 Ohms Maximum
Elapsed time:
Up to 999 hours, 59 min, 59 secs
USB Compatibility:
USB-A; Qualcomm Quick Charge® Compatible
Drop Protection:
2 m (6.6')
Ingress protection:
Overall Length:
2.84'' (7.2 cm)
Overall Height:
0.56'' (1.4 cm)
Overall Width:
1.25'' (3.2 cm)
1.10 oz (31.0 g)
Additional Information
  • To ensure the safe operation and service of this meter, follow all instructions. Failure to observe these warnings can result in severe injury or death.
  • This meter will NOT display a current below 50 milliamperes, even if it is allowing this to pass through. NOTE: The display will show zero current.
  • Do NOT use with ports that operate outside of the rated voltage and current. NEVER use on a circuit with a voltage or current that exceeds the maximum specified for this device.
  • Do NOT use during electrical storms or in wet weather. Do NOT use if the meter appears to be damaged. Use caution when working with voltages above 25 V AC RMS or 24 V DC. Such voltages pose a shock hazard.