Self-Retracting Utility Knife


  • Utility knife incorporates a wire-stripping notch
  • Blade auto-retracts fully into housing when slider is released
  • Safety yellow handle for greater visibility
  • Blade removal/insertion slide button – no need to disassemble in order to change the blade
  • Soft-touch, rubberised handle regions for non-slip grip
  • Lanyard hole for tethering your knife to keep it safe
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction
  • Uses standard utility blades No. 44103 and No. 44101
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PNG 44136.png

This practical tool combines the best features available in a utility knife, with rugged construction and user safety in mind. It has a bright yellow handle for easy visibility. When the blade is extended and pressure is applied to a hard surface, then removed from the surface when cutting is complete, the blade retracts automatically and fully into the housing for user safety. The knife uses standard replacement utility blades, Cat. No. 44103 and 44101. Lanyard hole keeps the knife safely tethered to protect you from losing it or from injury if the knife is dropped.

Overall Length:
5.75'' (14.6 cm)
Length when Closed:
5.672'' (14.4 cm)
Blade Material:
Handle Colour:
7.0 oz (187 g)
Additional Information
  • Blades are intended for cutting only and should be handled and disposed of with care
  • Bending the blade can cause it to break, possibly resulting in personal injury.
  • Always wear approved eye protection.