HVAC Clamp Meter


  • CL445 HVAC Clamp Meter is an automatically ranging true root mean square (TRMS) digital clamp meter
  • Digital clamp measures 600A AC current and inrush current
  • Test leads measure 750V AC/600V DC voltage, DC micro amp, resistance, continuity, frequency, duty-cycle, capacitance and diodes
  • K-Type thermocouple port for measuring temperatures from -148 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit (-100 to 1000 degrees Celsius)
  • Detect AC current with non-contact voltage tester integrated into the clamp jaw
  • Backlit LCD with dual V + A function allows simultaneous viewing of voltage and current measurements
  • Dedicated mode for capturing DC micro amp and inrush current
  • Meter has a built-in work light to illuminate in low light areas
  • CAT IV 600V, CAT III 750V, Class 2, double insulation safety rating
  • Includes right-angle input test leads, push-on alligator clips, K-type thermocouple, storage pouch, instruction manual and 3 x AAA batteries
  • Can be used with Magnetic Hanger (Cat. No. 69417, sold separately) for hands-free operation

Klein Tools CL445 Clamp Meter is an advanced HVAC clamp meter with automatically-ranging true root mean square (TRMS) for maximum accuracy. The meter measures AC current, inrush current, AC/DC voltage, DC microamps, resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance, temperature, diodes and more. This Digital Clamp Meter can simultaneously measure current and voltage, has a built-in worklight and comes with right-angle input test leads, push-on alligator clips, K-Type thermocouple, storage pouch, instruction manual and 3 x AAA batteries.

HVAC TRMS Clamp Meter
Measures AC Current, Inrush Current, AC/DC Voltage, DC Microamps, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency, Capacitance, Temperature, Diodes and More
Special Features:
Automatically Ranging True Root Mean Squared (TRMS) Measurement Technology for Accuracy; NCVT; V + A Simultaneously Displayed; Built-In Worklight
3 x AAA
Auto Power-Off:
Jaw Size:
1.25'' (3.2 cm)
Drop Protection:
6.6' (2 m)
6000 Count LCD
TRMS, AC Current, Inrush Current, AC/DC Voltage, DC Microamps, Resistance, Audible Continuity, Frequency, AC Voltage + AC Amperage, Capacitance, Temperature, Non-Contact Voltage Testing, Diodes, Min/Max, Data Hold Capability
750 V AC; 600 V DC
60 kHz
600 A
6.000 mF
Ohms (Resistance):
AC Voltage:
750 V
DC Voltage:
600 V
DC Polarity Indicator:
DC Microamp:
600 µA
Temperature Range:
-148° to 1832°F (-100° to 1000°C)
See Instructions
CAT IV 600V, CAT III 750V, Class 2, Double Insulation Safety Rating
Clamp Meter; Right-Angle Input Test Leads; Push-On Alligator Clips; K-Type Thermocouple; Storage Pouch; Instruction Manual; 3 x AAA Batteries
Overall Length:
9.24'' (23.5 cm)
Overall Height:
1.59'' (4 cm)
Overall Width:
3.77'' (9.6 cm)
12.5 oz (355 g)
Additional Information
  • Never use the meter on a circuit with voltages that exceed the category-based rating of this meter.
  • Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and/or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.
  • Do not use the meter during electrical storms or in wet weather, and do not use the meter or test leads if they appear to be damaged.
  • Before each use, verify the meter operation by measuring a known voltage or current.
  • Always adhere to local and national safety codes. Use personal protective equipment to prevent shock and arc blast injury where hazardous live conductors are exposed.